The Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking

Individuals that have never smoked, or never lived with a smoker, will sometimes equate vaping and smoking, firm in their belief that neither has an advantage over the other. Ask anyone with more personal knowledge of the subject, however, and the answer will be quite different, with vaping the clear winner. Although many benefits are named, there are a few which are named more often than others.

First, physical well-being noticeably improves within the first week of quitting cigarettes in favor of any type of vaping apparatus. Although generally vague in nature, the nature of the improvement often revolves around endurance and, not surprisingly, the respiratory system.

The second area of enormous benefit involves cost. Vaping can involve a significant initial investment, ranging between $5-100 or more, depending on the mechanism a person chooses to use. However, even on the high end, the daily cost of vaping is far less than smoking. The occurs primarily because of the high levels of taxation smoking incurs.
The third of the common reasons is the lack of the smell caused by smoking. No complicated explanation need here, the fact that smoking has an unpleasant smell. Vaping does not.

While vaping may be discovered as having negative side effects or risks in the future, currently, there is no hard data to support that supposition. All that exists is the anecdotal evidence, which maintains that there is a clear advantage to vaping over smoking.