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 Tuesday, July 19, 2005   

Air America in Baton Rouge

It took a cousin in New York to tell me, but we now have Air America broadcast here in Baton Rouge on 1380 AM! (Thanks Jamey, love ya.) I've listened to it online before, but it was cool to tune in on my way to the grocery store this evening. Sadly, when I got back in the car after doing my shopping, there was too much interference to hear it properly. The grocery store was only about a mile or two south of LSU, so it's not like I was in the sticks. Hopefully they can improve the strength of the broadcast, because if you can't hear the liberal media from a college campus then something's wrong.

Anyway, it's nice to see a little more blue in this red state.

Sunday, July 03, 2005  

Organizing by Valerie

Mom's new organizing website is up and running. She's awesome, so if you're in Calcasieu Parish, check her out.

Organizing by Valerie

Oh and being the proud daughter, I'd like you guys to share my happiness about my mom's success. This post will especially interest parents. Check it out.

Monday, April 25, 2005  

TV Commercials

Do you ever rethink your television viewing habits based on the commercials that air during the shows? I guess I'm watching too much "guy" stuff, because I've been seeing a lot of natural male enhancement commercials lately. I can't help it--Comedy Central is funny. Then on other channels, I'm inundated with diaper commercials. Then I try to watch some Little House on the Prairie (shut up), and I get commercials for Rascal scooters and life insurance.

But I knew it was truly time to reexamine not only my TV viewing habits, but my life, when I saw several commercials for Bikini Bucks and also Juicer Elite Club over the course of one weekend. I've tried checking those websites online especially the one focused on juicing and helpful tips came up. See for yourself at  and

I'm so excited about creating my own drinks that I've researched on several recipes. Can't wait!

Monday, April 04, 2005  

Birthday week

It's my birthday week! I turn 25 on April 9th. I'm quarter-aged.

This is the last birthday for awhile that means anything. Apparently my auto insurance goes down, it's easier to rent a car, and I can run for Congress. I think.


Monday, March 28, 2005  

Friends of WiTaWentin

So, so busy...

I just did a website update for the Friends of WiTaWentin, a nonprofit organization that is renovating Camp WiTaWentin in Lake Charles, LA. I had fun looking at their pictures and reading about their history while I worked. So check them out.

Oh, wow, it's late.


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